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Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. -- What is a Road Rat?

A. -- As nearly as we can tell, the term, "Road Rat," as used herein, didn't exist prior to 1979. Craig Chilton coined that term as a fun way to easily distinguish between the folks who deliver brand-new RVs and specialty vehicles, from truckers, who haul cargo. Just two decades later, by the dawn of the 21st century, it had already become the most commonly-used term for drivers who deliver vehicles, and not cargo. Thus, there are Road Rats, and there are truckers, and the jobs they do are immensely different. For example, the job performed by a Road Rat is tremendously more hassle-free than that performed by truckers. The job performed by Road Rats comes far closer to being akin to their simply driving their own car from Point A to Point B. There usually are no log books involved, and most of the vehicles being delivered weigh less than 26,000 pounds, and thus are not subjected to D.O.T. regulations.

       "Road Rat," when used in this context, is a service mark of Xanadu Enterprises.

Q. -- Does this website, by itself, enable a person to be a Road Rat?

A. -- Not even remotely. We've often been asked this question by those who wonder if the resources we offer on our Order Page were necessary for obtaining this job easily, and for performing it optimally. "After all," they've asked, "doesn't all that information you provide on the website make that possible, all by itself?"

       For those who'd love to take this job and be paid well to roam North America, Australia or Europe, it is very important that they realize that this website only provides an overview of the job. It describes the job -- but in no way does it provide the detailed instruction that is found in the Handbook and audio CD that we make available. (Think: would studying an aviation school's website make someone a proficient pilot?) If a person were to print out the pages of this website, he would have a detailed description of the folks who do this job, and what it is that they do. But he would not have any instruction telling him how to most easily and effectively get started. Or, even more importantly, how to do the job optimally in terms of making a good living, income-wise, or of gleaning the most enjoyment from it. (And this is one of the most enjoyable jobs on earth, for those who know how to do it well!) The few descriptive pages that comprise this website can't begin to compare with the highly-detailed and instructive content of the Handbook, which is 8-1/2" x 11" in size, and 160 pages long... and its companion audio CD, which runs for an hour and 20 minutes, and covers 17 topics.

      We are not telling you this in order to sell our products (even though we welcome your order). Those who seriously seek to pursue this fascinating line of work probably will obtain them. The reason we point his out is to help people see that casually trying to get going in this without having the necessary instruction almost always would leave them with a very long and rocky row to hoe. To allow people to blithely do that without our pointing these things out for them would be doing them a disservice.

Q. -- Are you implying that this job is complicated or difficult?

A. -- Not at all. Once a person gets into it fully-informed, it is amazingly easy to do. And just look at the folks who are doing it. They come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all levels of education. No cross-training is necessary (although, a few companies out there provide a day of safety training to newly-hired drivers). Many of those doing this job are ex-truckers who've discovered that this is a much easier way to stay on the road, for as much pay as they had been earning as truckers. But they comprise only perhaps 1% of the workforce. Meanwhile, fully one-third of those doing this are between 65 and 80+ years old.

       So this is not a difficult job to do. But is is a job that requires that a person doing it be well-informed from the get-go, if he or she wants to earn a good income from Day One, rather than going through a tedious learning curve that can take as much as four years or more of gaining the knowledge of useful and lucrative techniques by trial-and-error.

Q. -- How do you know that it can typically take 4 years to become fully proficient at this job, if learning the ropes by trial-and-error?

A. -- Because that's how long it took me. Despite my having earned a college degree, and having been a technical writer and teacher for a dozen years, beforehand, it still took me four years of trial-and-error self-education while delivering new vehicles for me to attain the annual income of $52,000 a year... where it levelled off for my subsequent six years of full-time driving. How I would have loved to have had a handbook back then like the one that anyone can easily obtain now. Previous life experiences -- even if one has been a truck driver -- are inadequate as preparation for being a proficient Road Rat. Just because the job is easy to perform does not mean that a person can just jump into it, without background knowledge, and make a good go of it. And there are precious few mentors in this field. So it's sink or swim. Those who have studied the Handbook, and listened to the CD, find it very easy to swim. And that's why I wrote the book and recorded the CD: so that all who obtain them can be fully prepared to start earning at least $50,000 a year (when taking this as a full-time job -- or $175-200/day, part-time), right out of the gate, starting on Day One. Reading the book and listening to the CD just may be the best 6 hours of time you ever invest in your future. It can immensely improve your whole life. More so, even, than any given, single (and expensive) college course that takes weeks to complete, has done for most people who have taken them. And over the last three decades, our continuously-updated resources have done that for many tens of thousands of people. These are the only such fully-comprehensive resources in existence.

       Again, it matters not a bit whether you have a third-grade education, a Ph.D., or anything in between. What does matter is whether or not you are well-informed and -instructed about this line of work, if you seek to pursue it.

       That being said, I'll take this opportunity to wish you countless, and wondrous, travel adventures!

                                                                                                                                                 -- Craig Chilton

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